3 core elements of a successful biz

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Have you heard some of today’s ‘inspirational’ talking heads ask their millions of followers, “What’s your motivation from your life’s passion? Your inspiration? You can find it deep within yourself.”

Nah – that stuff never worked for me. The first time I had a person tell me, “Jeremie, you have a limiting belief” I had to stop myself from snorting in disrespect.

I wondered if I was missing something in my wiring that I didn’t identify with that stuff…for about 2 seconds.

I realized that my motivation was different. It’s when others say I can’t achieve something. Suddenly I am very motivated.

  • It was this type of motivation that drove me to earn an average of $20k/mo within 2 years of starting my first business. And that was when I was driving all over the place to get clients but still only working an average of 30-35 hour weeks.
  • It was this type of motivation that drove me to hire 3 trainers within 9 months of starting.
  • It was this type of motivation that propelled me into being the first trainer to offer year-round, full-time, no other income source.
  • It was this type of motivation that pushed me to ignore those who said it would never work & instead I expanded my business, my knowledge & my skill sets.

You get the point. And while training other athletes might not be the biz platform you’re interested in, you’re probably motivated in your own unique way to achieve.

But I had one big problem the whole time: Being the first is lonely.

When you’re the first, there is no roadmap & there is certainly no guarantee of success, good support system, like-minded & similarly experienced people.

That’s why I started ESBA – to give those things I never had to others so that they would never walk alone.


It’s all about you

Today, I want the focus to be on you. Today we’re going to talk about some of the core elements of a good business model & what they might look like for you.

  1. A good business model is all about you. It has to be a model & services that are practical & sustainable for your personality. Whether you’re an investor or a boot-strap start-up, you’ve got to know what type of business you can sustain.
  2. To be successful in business you must know how business works. If you’ve got a couple of years & $50k, we’ll wait for you to get the degree. Then you can start applying what you’ve learned. OR you can start applying your own experiences in a way that fits your unique skills & experiences, can scale as you grow, and generates income.
  3. That’s why knowing WHO you are & what you’re good at are vital to finding out what type of business model will work for you. YES – there are universal business principles you can apply to get the job done.

They have degree programs for that; they’re called MBAs.

However, we’re not talking about a one-size-fits-all approach here.

That approach kills ingenuity & your business before you’ve ever gotten started. Talk about un-sustainable.

Big word: sustain. Because it means for the long-haul. It means long-term & can affect you mentally, physically, emotionally, and financially. It can affect your family, friendships, relationships, business & more. If something is sustainable, it means it can keep going, continuing on.

If you hate what you’re doing, then you’re probably not going to sustain doing it after a short while.

The same is true in home construction. If you start building an amazing home but fail to lay a foundation, proper or not, you’re done the first time any sort of trouble arises. It’s the excuse you’ve been waiting for to walk away.

So today you’re going to do something we have all our ESBA students do: take a quiz. Don’t worry, it’s not hard & there is no pass / fail. It’s all about you, your gifts & your strengths.

Click here & purchase the “Top 5 CliftonStrengths Access” for $20.

You can take the quiz here for $20 but you’re going to want the book (new books have a code to take the test for free btw).

Take the quiz, read about yourself in the book, & then e-mail me the results.

THEN – check out this cool checklist we made you for brainstorming what things need to go into your own path.**

PS: No, you don’t have to read the whole book. Just the parts about you.

**NOTE: These areas are not limited to physical training; they will apply to training, coaching…even opening a restaurant!