Getting to the top of the mountain

You spend your whole life going through peaks & valleys, ups & downs…Jeremie calls it the roller coaster of life. I call it the seasons of life.

The peaks & the valleys

The valleys are the lowest points. They’re hard. And then the climb to the top can be so grueling – especially if you’re an enterpreneur. There are no pre-determined paths. There are no guaranteed footholds. Sometimes you go a long distance without support and without a place to rest, catch your breath – it’s a constant push.

But you keep your eyes on the prize, the goal of attaining the pinnacle of success. When you’re at the top, that is when life is sweet! You’ll have achieved success, you’ll be making money & life will be so sweet.

But there will come a time when you re-enter the valley. Because seasons change. Your business grows in new way, investors change the game, etc.


I’ve spent an entire life season in the valley. Only I would call it the desert. Where nothing happens no matter how hard you work. I’ve resented the valley. Fought it, cried in it. But if you’re going through the valley today I want to share a culmination of what I’ve learned from these years & the wisdom others have shared with me.

  • The valley doesn’t last forever. Like the seasons that change, your valley is only temporary. Just as quickly as it began, it can be over.
  • The valley protects. The valley allows you to walk in shade. It’s cool, the water pools there. You’re protected from the elements.
  • The valley covers. You don’t have the spotlight or the sunlight beating down on you. Fresh flowers & produce, flocks and their families all flourish in the valley.
  • The valley supplies. Just as water pools at the bottom of the valley into streams & pools, it also grows rich food, provides shelter, guides your path.


Ahhhh! The mountaintop experience. So glorious. You’re literally on top of the world! You can see everything so clearly. You’ve seen others get there & look like they’ve achieved it all. Only, because you’re built for climbing, you stay there just a short while. You will soon begin your descent to meet the next challenge. But first, enjoy the mountaintop. Just be prepared because it’s probably going to be not quite what you imagined.

  • The mountaintop exposes. At the mountaintop, you’re exposed to the elements. There is no place to hide from the spotlight, the sunlight, people in your business. Flaws are magnified as the orders come in mass amounts.
  • The mountaintop is barren. Nothing grows on the mountaintop, save a few small blooms on occasion. The elements are harsh, making life impossible. The same can be true of your personal & spiritual growth, your business growth. In these seasons you’re busy doing meetings, speeches, mentoring, investing, giving back. Your lifestyle is dumped upside down.
  • The mountaintop is dangerous. There are fast-moving winds. Direct sun. No water. And finding a place for foothold is difficult. You must really watch your step on this peak.
  • The mountaintop deprives. Just as oxygen is harder to come by at the top, so is energy. Sustaining a mountaintop lifestyle is almost impossible.  You’ve waited for the experience forever but when it arrives, you’re left wanting a moment to rest.


The peaks & valleys are not just for business. They’re for all of life. And all of your life affects your business so it’s important to recognize the influence of each in your life. Business is directly influenced by the heart – whether you realize it or not. Don’t get lost in the journey.

If you’re in a valley right now, realize that, while hard, this is a season of rest in many respects. You may not have all you want but you’ve probably got all that you need.

If you’re climbing or feel stuck, don’t quit! Keep pressing on! You were MADE for this.

If you’re at the mountaintop, remember that you’ve trained for this moment. Don’t forget what your goals were getting there & take time to enjoy the view.

Get equipped! If you don’t know what’s next or how to move from where you are, that’s what ESBA is all about.  You’ll find like-minded entrepreneurs who are either where you are right now or have been there before & have helpful advice to share.