Do you want to be rich?

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Ahhh – yes, we all want to be rich. I always knew I wanted to be rich. It’s highly touted in our society, in spite of the fact that we’re some of the richest in the world, just based on economics & opportunity alone. As I grew older, my mindset didn’t change about being rich. I was working hard as professional soccer player to make that happen. Then, once married, my wife Abbie & I worked hard together to make that happen. However, getting rich is harder than you think. It cost a LOT of money to start a business in the worst recession the U.S. had seen in decades. Add to that no one has ever seen your business model & there were a great deal of haters in those early days (still are some days). It was enough to make me want to cry. Then Abbie read about this guy.

How to be rich (book spoiler alert)

Ramit Sethi’s bookI will teach you to be rich, was a gamechanger for us. Even though it’s been out a while, you really should check it out. But the best part is how relevant the Ramit’s message is to entrepreneurs today. It’s about living a rich life,  yes, but maybe not in the way you would think. You see, every person defines being rich in a different way. Some people define being rich as making a lot of money each month. Others define being rich as the accumulation of fine things. Then there are those who define being rich as lifestyle freedom, e.g., the ability to travel while young or to be a stay-at-home mom. Each of these represent someone’s ideal of a rich life.


I realized that all the hard work & stress I was experiencing to grow the business was fruitless if I could not find a practical, sustainable lifestyle for me & my family. Together, Abbie & I realized that her work kept her from being the mom she wanted to be while our daughters were young. So we carefully defined our ‘rich’ life & started pursuing it one step at a time.  To this day, that sometimes means that work deadlines come second to a ballet recital or basketball game.


Competition can kill you. As athletes, we’re naturally competitive. We like to win & we often enjoy the challenges too. However, being an entrepreneur is the competition that never takes a break. So you have to learn to set boundaries. That’s why ESBA is such a life-changer for so many athletes. Because it allows us to pursue the lifestyle we want to live & stay connected to the sport we love. The only difference between us is that you have my step-by-step guide to growing your own rich life without it robbing you in other areas.