UGK was right + why it matters for you

Did you know?

E-mail is the number one way businesses today develop relationships with potential customers.

And players are lost in how to put it all together in a way to keep money coming in every month. Even some of the more well-known, higher-paid athletes have gone broke within a few years of their playing days.

Then they’ve hawked their experiences and reputations for additional income but the risk is pretty high to back something you know nothing about. You’ve got to know what questions to ask; after years of studying the game, you’ve got to start over & learn a new industry. Just google former pros and read countless stories of those who got sued for a bad endorsement deal or trusted the wrong people & got ponzied, or who had to start over in business.

Then there are those who get an education but can never attain their former income level, who must sign autographs repeatedly for extra income but get caught smuggling 44 lbs of heroin & cocaine, or who sell off memorabilia for extra cash.

UGK was right.

You know the stories. You’ve read them too.

And that’s just about the money!

What about their personhood? Their individuality? As athletes? As people?


The hardest stories I’ve personally heard are not at all about the money but about identity. Guys and girls who have said,

“I was lost for 2 years without football.”

“I was depressed & couldn’t figure out who I was or what I was supposed to do [after sports].”

And what about those who end their lives out of emotional pain, in part, for lack of purpose?


Who am I & What is ESBA?

My name is Jeremie Piette. I am a former professional soccer player turned entrepreneur.

I & my wife developed a system that has not only has made 6-figures / year for 10 years with part-time hours but has allowed me to scale into more businesses & income AND, most important, has allowed me to teach other former collegiate & pro athletes (& former military elites) how to do the same! The Elite Sports Business Academy (ESBA) is where we teach these former elite athletes how to build, grow & scale their experiences, stories, & skills into their own profitable sports-based businesses.

I created ESBA because my friends and colleagues want to know exactly how I did it.

ESBA got started because a lot of former colleagues and teammates that I played Pro with were curious about what I was doing and asked if I would franchise with them. Franchising wasn’t for me because I don’t like to manage people or take away the freedom of their own personal styles. At the same time, I’m from a small west Texas town called Midland and lots of big athletes from other sports such as basketball, baseball and football have come from there. These guys also wanted to know if I could teach them what I was doing and if I thought it would work for their Sports.

Short answer: yes & yes.

ESBA is THE program that will walk you step by step from successful athlete to successful entrepreneur. 

The ESBA model works. And it’s allowed us to continue to grow and scale. It’s something that others haven’t figured out on their own because of the thousands of sports-based businesses that are started and fold each year. Even those who worked with me and have gone on to try to start their own versions haven’t worked. It’s the secret sauce that I & my wife have been able to teach countless others in many Industries how to implement for themselves.

AND it doesn’t matter if you train, teach, coach, podcast, create, photograph, speak, heal – you can use your sports training background & knowledge to create a business that’s based on your passion for sports!

It doesn’t matter if you want to do Sports training, have a side Hustle, have a legitimate full-time business, or grow into a large and recognizable brand, we will walk you through each step of the process and that’s what we do in ESBA + we coach you keeping more of your money through tax strategies, business model structures & good biz sense!

Every profitable business has to have three things:

  1. A good business model,
  2. A great story &
  3. Paying clients.

You already have the story; we just help you tell it. ESBA is the model & we’ll walk you though step-by-step getting the clients.

We’ll use your story to create your business model, your services & get your first clients.