Why we do what we do…(& how you can too)


SO >>> Unless you’re: Famous, have a Finance degree (or some related business knowledge),  you have the big bucks to Franchise or you can own a Facility there are no options for you… and now sports are failing in public eye & options for kids are failing in favor of coding, etc. (I could also include some important stats about what kids need, about the economy, & more here but I’m not an economics professor or a counselor.)



STATS: The rates of depression & suicide of post-career athletes are scary. There are increasing numbers of COLLEGE failing sports programs, fallen sports ‘heroes’. failing business numbers in the 6 digits..the list could go on.


CHALLENGE: How to have a profitable sports business. When I started my first sports business, there was no one else in the country running a profitable sports business  – especially not one that was replicable or sustainable, much less scalable without that big F – franchise money – and therefore no viable option for future athletes, no one paving the road + no place to tell your story or to share your knowledge. $5k in the bank ain’t going to do it.

OPTIONS: Athletes need a platform, need money, & need training & ESBA covers them all.  Whether you have a story to tell, a personal obstacle to overcome, a voice to share, or a skill to teach – we’ll teach you how to find your unique voice, tell your story in a way that inspires others & brings you income + turn your experiences into a business.

SOLUTION: Converting athletes >>> business owners & entrepreneurs in a simple step-by-step way…

  • Grow your business.
  • But WITHOUT the overwhelm, they hype, or the high-pressure sales tactics.
  • Create multiple streams of income.
  • PLUS connect with other like-minded high performers.
  • THEN – when you’re ready…you’ll find even more at our SKILLED. Conference. Whether you’re an ambitious starter, an established business owner or a brand builder, you’ll love the camaraderie & support + business support you’ll receive to explode your entrepreneurial mindset & grow your brand even further.

When I started out, there was nothing for me, especially as someone who had not made the big money as a pro athlete.

So now, that’s what I do – alongside my amazing wife (who, BTW, does the same thing but for doctors, healthcare lawyers & hospitals). Together, we’ve helped hundreds of individuals & partners do the exact same things we’ll teach you in ESBA!