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WE ARE LOOKING FOR MULTIPLIERS. Those individuals who want to scale their impact beyond their business. Those who do not measure success only by their bank accounts. And those who would want their personal lives to multiply as their businesses do.


The BRAND course is for serious entrepreneurs who want to BUILD AND SCALE A BUSINESS. THIS BUSINESS MAY OR MAY NOT have anything to do with the sports or military worlds. Our job is to MULTIPLY your business, model and income.


The program is a fast-paced, intense combination of Experienced Entrepreneurship, Coaching and Digital Marketing. The course delves beyond the traditional 'how to run a business' and exceeds the content contained in most MBA programs, combined with real-time application to your business.


You do NOT need a business idea or model to be in the program. We do not ask for your previous sales numbers or income. This is not a place for self-protection or self-promotion. The program is typically by referral only. If you want to apply without a referral, you understand that upon acceptance, payment is due immediately and work begins with the cohort you're assigned, including flying to the designated location.


Who this program is NOT for: If you need your spouse or partner to fill out the application, this is NOT the program for you. If you want a 'done for you' program, this is not the program for you. If you are not interested in multiplying everything in your grasp, this is not the program for you.