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All The Tools You Need To Build A Successful Business

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For the biz owner, the hustler – make sure you’re covered in the top areas most likely to cause business failure. 

This crash course in business takes on an overview of everything you should know to run your business – in less than 4 hours! You’ll learn everything from the financial & legal basics to how to find clients & keep them! 



Learn everything you NEED to know about building a strong, scalable business in only 20 days!

Learn how to build your own sports training or coaching business & skip trying to figure it out on your own. Gain 10 years of business knowledge in less than a month. Plus you’ll be building a platform that can scale quickly & easily.



Identify your unique identity in the marketplace, multiply your income, & establish boundaries to protect your brand.

Learn how to scale your business, your platform & your passion into a recognizable brand that provides lifestyle freedom. The program includes business and life coaching and mentoring and is not for sports-training businesses. 



Jeremie Piette is a former professional soccer player who did not have a business road map or any biz mentors when he decided to retire from pro sports. He had a passion for helping others & needed to support a growing family. As his business grew, other athletes began to ask for his help. Rather than franchising with his former colleagues & teammates as they requested, Jeremie instead turned his knowledge into a series of courses, coaching & training programs that ANY athlete can use to transform their own experiences into lifestyle & financial freedom. Jeremie is originally from Midland, TX & has used these same principles to help other sport-athletes to grow their own businesses.

Dr. Abbie Piette is Jeremie’s wife and secret weapon. Abbie has helped launch & scale dozens companies in differing industries using the lean startup model & continues to consult with large businesses & corporations. Abbie’s passion is helping others to identify their unique gifts & multiply those in their own lives and the lives of others. Abbie holds a Doctorate in Educational Leadership with an emphasis in Medical Ethics, a Masters in Curriculum and Instructional Design, can talk oil & gas with the best of the old-timers & speaks amazing Tex-Mex. Abbie & Jeremie travel internationally with their 2 daughters providing business and healthcare education outreach & planning.