Build a business empire

The BRAND program addresses identity, leadership, purpose, scale and multiplication at the individual level. This program was created for those who would be Entrepreneurs, CEOs or sit on the boards of large companies, even their own.

Becoming a business BRAND is the ESBA MVP* 

Having a recognizable, trustworthy platform that people want to have relationship with is very valuable, and we're not referring to your experiences or your name. This trust translates to business opportunities, additional income streams, and working smarter, not harder.

*most valuable program


Learn how to scale your business, your platform & your passion into a recognizable BRAND that will provide you lifestyle freedom.


We’ll walk you step-by-step through creating your mission / vision / values, monetizing your business in multiple ways on multiple platforms, creating digital products or physical products, recession-proofing your business while giving back (& why that’s vital to your success), defining your passion for others & more!


In the BRAND program we drill down into your unique story & experiences & help you identify what your unique platform is & if there is more than one way your business should be monetized. This section of the course is founded on StrengthsFinders & helps you know what you want to share & with whom you want to share it.

There are many platforms from which you as a leader can make money but we want you to find your unique style of approach. This helps you avoid burnout, cope with the tough times, & scale beyond imagination. Your uniqueness is what you should embrace most! That is why we name certain moves for certain players – their unique spin is what made the style of play or save so amazing!




Because of our experiences, we often have a natural platform that many others do not have. That is one reason why many athletes and ranking members of the various military branches make money as motivational speakers when they’re retired or are asked to be the ‘spokesperson’ for businesses or business ventures. People listen to them!

But leadership isn't easy and there will come a point where you need to know exactly where your boundaries that you're supposed to protect are located. You'll need to know the questions to ask that provide that protection. That is one reason why knowing WHO you are & NOT what you do is so important! Learn how to lead with full understanding of how to run a business, how to lead an organization and how to hold those you lead accountable while protecting what matters most. This is not theory, though we use that too. It's 100% real-life, real-time business, life and relationship, taught and supported by those who've been there and remain.

Get the most direct path to financial & lifestyle freedom of successful entrepreneurship with proven teaching & coaching – while prospering your business, family, relationships & bank account

building it all in real time -

and without the 2 years for an MBA, the 5 years of barely scraping by & the loneliness of DIY.



What’s covered in the BRAND course?

  • Identifying your unique voice & platform, from your own perspective & experiences
  • Honing your leadership abilities
  • Coaching your weaknesses & areas that are holding you back from scaling & growing
  • Building a platform with digital or physical products or services that will scale
  • Diversifying your income streams
  • Exploring & breaking down multiple methods of monetization
  • Discovering which platforms for scaling are right for you
  • Creating a sustainable business model that is unique to you & can grow as YOU grow
Combine 15 years of education and 12+ years of entrepreneurship, with all the big takeaways compiled and none of the baggage, and you'll be slingshotted forward in building your own true BRAND.  A BRAND based on your true identity and not just your accomplishments, your stats, your numbers. Let's get started!



Abbie has the natural ability to bring out the potential in those who surround her. She challenges others thinking, in addition to her own, to think more critically and in depth about any topic at hand. These facets, along with her encouraging leadership, have helped us to grow [as people]. 

N.R. Smyth

Armosa has had the pleasure of working with Jeremie and Abbie on a few video projects and they consistently amaze us in their character and approach to business. You won’t find another couple whose trust is earned immediately and whose integrity far exceeds expectations.

Wes W., Founder of Armosa Studios, Film producer and visual storyteller for Michael Hyatt, Marie Forleo & more

Abbie and Jeremie are a dynamic duo and their success as a team reflects this. Working with Abbie and Jeremie was a pleasure and it's nice to see such great human beings have success. They truly care about their clients and the students they teach. 

Carlos A., Founder & Owner, Conversion Surge